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Shutter Styles For Your Home

Shutter Styles The right shutters can be the accent that makes your home stand out from the others. Choosing the right style of shutter allows you to personalize your home with your own unique style.

Louvered Shutters
Louvers are the little slats that can open and close in operable louver shutters, or remain at a fixed angle in fixed louver shutters. Preferable in temperate, warm and humid climates, this style of shutter allows air flow while keeping out cold, sun and rain. This is a popular choice for most American homes.

Panel Shutters
Popular in colder climates, panel shutters, if operable, would keep out the wind, cold and snow, as well as preventing damage to windows from ice and snow.This type of shutter can be configured into one, two or three panels. Panel shutters give a home a traditional and sophisticated feel.

Board & Batten
A simple but versatile shutter, spaced or joined board & batten shutters are a charming addition to traditional homes. Cottages and farmhouses a…

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